Two Toddlers – OH JOY !

Growing Growing growing – The girls just expand in so many ways.  They certainly can eat but you surely can not tell by their tiny-ness.  They are about the same size give or take 1/2 lb.  Yup despite the optical illusion of Sloan looking Gigantic in comparison to Lilka its just not true.  They are pretty much the same across the board.  They do have completely different body types tho which prolly lends it self to Sloan looking so much bigger than Lilka.  Ahh 15 month olds.  Its is a joy – they just kind of get things now. Communication is not where I would like it to be but I know they understand us and  typically try to communicate back.  They certainly got the monkey see monkey do down with each other.

So, Two Toddlers- they are all over the place not just walking but running.  Its so cute unless we are trying to chase them to catch them to move on to the next part of the day or for nap then all things adorable and cute pertaining to Lilka and Sloan fly right out the window! – Ha!

Lilka Mae

Lilka Mae – still has the same nicknames Lil, Lou, Lu-Lu, Lilka Beast, little, Lilly Munster.  She is a very clever sneakster of a child.  Stubborn to the max but loving and full of kisses and high fives.  She loves LOVES to eat and typically always has some form of a snack in one of her hands.

Sloan Annika

Sloan Annika – She also has the same nick names Sloanka, Sloanie pie, Sloankavich, Putchkey and Morroccan Queen, and sugar boogar.  She is very cautious still but certainly coming out of her shell.  She is very communicative tho she still calculates and plans.  She is a watch and wait type of girl for now but also very daring with respect to certain things like the top of the stair case.  She loves shoes, rocks and pebbles and loves to go Bye-Bye.

Its been a while since I have blogged- Were a little busy.  The Girls are amazing.  They seem to change every day.  We put them down for a nap and poof upon waking up I swear there is something different about them. It is so strange. I do miss my babies but I am also swooning over these two toddlers.

The girls had a wonderful Rosh Hashana ( Jewish New Year ) it was delicious Melanie cooked of course and Dan The Great came over to help celebrate.

the girls loved Melanie’s kuggel – it was by far the best kuggel i have ever tasted and I am not saying that because she is my wife and the Challah she made was delightful! The girls ate everything Kasha and Kuggel and Salmon and salad.

We walk to the grassy area by our house and just play ball and run and hang outside. They love to go to the park and swing swing swing all day long and play in the pebbles.

hanging at the park a Firefly came to say hi


They are both pretty adventurous Lilka is more so.  She will just go along her Merry way and talk to whom ever and say hello. Sloan tens to stop and stare wander just a bit but comes running back if we are not in clear sight.  They eat a ton.  I am just so shocked at how much food DOS BABIES can consume.  It seems as though they are always eating.  Cheese, yogurt, Brussels sprout salad ( yup you read this right)  cucumber and tomatoes, beans, ham, fish,  felafel, risotto.  They enjoy it all.  They have a palate for Smoked Gouda (yum) and celery.  Goat cheese and beats, chilli cheese Frito and animal cookies. Come to think of it I dont think they have tried something that they dont like. Hummus, babaganoosh, Indian food.  It’s crazy. We are going through Milk like its going out of style.  Whole Organic Milk – perhaps we should buy stock in this.  So far we found that Trader Joes has the best price for this but we signed up with a farm to see if that changes anything because having to run out every 3 days is a bit tough sometimes. We should also get a another refrigerator – All in due time.  Perhaps a cow!

So much has happened.  They had their 15month check up and a whole slew of vaccinations.  They both did well ( 4 injections) they had minor fevers but were very irritable and had huge welts on their thighs.  They are growing well. Doctor  says they are the same size give or take 1/2 lb so crazy right because they look so different size wise.  They are so different all around.  People still stop us and ask crazy questions.  They also tell us how they look exactly a like and they must be identical- though there is a 5% chance they can be identical twins  One has BLUE eyes and ONE has brown.  Oh well it makes for fun fodder most the time and other time it makes you wonder how some people make it in the world.

The wicked Weissmans stayed in Nevada this year for Halloween. We were very sad not to see the Preis Brigade but having Halloween on a week day just ruins everything.   We decorated our house.  In case you did not know Halloween is our most favorite Holiday – Skulls and scary its right up our ally.  This is the first time we had a HOUSE to decorate.  It would have been over the top but  all in due time. 

Sloan on Halloween Eve

Amazed by the Halloween Decorations the kids just stared.

Nana came to celebrate Halloween with the Girls.  They did not make it trick or treating but we got to the corner.  

The reason we did not make it is because of the oh so very interesting PINE CONES that lined the street. The girls were just so interested in each one we passed.

the girls were The chicken and the egg for Halloween .  The age old question. Which came first – well in our case it was the Chicken but one min after the egg was also here.  Melanie made their costumes and they were so cute.

The chicken

The chicken and the egg ( below)

the egg

Melanie also dressed up as a sexy retro Farmer with a Afro

As i said we love Halloween so we did a lot  of activities pertaining to Halloween. Here are some pics. We went to a ranch, a farm and a day of the dead celebration and the girls loved all of it !

hanging out at a pumpkin patch ( above)

We went to a Day of the Dead celebration and Melanie and I got all painted up. We were so worried that the girls would freak out on us when we woke them up from their nap . They were such troopers clearly noticing that there is something different about us. They were apprehensive at first but as soon as we spoke they lit up and they could care less with the paint on our face.

Celebrating Day of the Dead to remember everyone we have lost.

They were actually a lil scared of the statue behind Melanie.

and the most delicious Halloween treat ever – truffle Boo’s

Sloan really loves pumpkins she had to touch EVERY. SINGLE pumpkin.  Lilka just loved seeing all her friends and the people and the freedom to roaming around.

October was a busy month for sure – The time change has been a wee bit rough on all of us especially the girls.  I am hoping it works it self out and we go back to the 8 pm – 8 am sleep through the night deal again.  They do sleep through the night. Sometimes one of them wakes up and crys for a bit or screams but i read that they are starting to dream so this could be the issue and Sloan is still trying to break through this HUGE MOLAR. The Dr. even said SORRY to us when he looked in her mouth at the check up.  He also advised that it look HUGE and will probably Hurt – Really you dont Say Dr.

The girls are in new car seats – No more infant seats ( its a happy sad thing for me)  now they are in REAR facing  regular seats.  They are huge seats for sure and take up lots of room but  a bit more comfortable for the girls.  They will probably be rear facing forever if i have my druthers. Forward facing is just so much more dangerous even on a minor impact.  Why anyone would risk that I have no idea?

Our good Family friends came to Vegas and  stopped by to say hello.   We love visitors and it was great seeing them and  talking.  The girls were a bit shy and still adjusting to the time change so they went down for a nap in the middle of their visit. 

We have ventured out more with these girls. They do very well shopping and grocery shopping and at restaurants. OH MY GOSH i could not believe how well they did. I really dreaded it.  Breakfast Lunch or dinner they are AMAZING.  They sit and eat who knew.  I guess we should work on the utensil bit  but that seems to just distract them and i seem to always be picking them up off he floor.  Cave man antic seem to work tho-

I am still trying to muster the strength to do away with EL pacifier and the 2 bottles they get.  I know many say why rush it or if that is all it is its ok… but I am afraid for the  1) ortho bill later in life and well I dunno its just seems right.  I was never the first to do anything or an over achiever but in these two instances  I feel i need to be .. Odd right.  Lilka only uses a paci at naps and in the car – and in the car because the car usually result sin a child who falls asleep.  Sloan is just a copy cat and she uses her thumbs- her poor thumbs.   As for the bottle its one in the AM and One at night before bed.  They use a sippy straw cup through out the day and they do pretty well with just a regular cup as long as they cant hold it.  Eh..all in due time I guess.

Well we have a busy few months ahead. Going to try to make it back to Cali for Thanksgiving to see my sister and her kids. Cant wait to see the cousinly mayhem and the first meeting. We have a few birthday parties and our  5th Wedding Anniversary and Melanie’s birthday all coming up.  We have not been back to CA since the Girls Birthday in July.  It should be interesting two toddlers in a vehicle for 4 hours – I foresee lots of breaks on the way which means for a 8 hour  journey.

As I always say,  you are welcome to come visit – we have the room and the space and we would love the company.

Miss you and love you,

Jay, Melanie, Lilka, Sloan and Mojito

We celebrated our Anniversary a bit early with a trip to the theater to see WICKED. It was Amazing !

she loves the freedom at the park

Sloan finds pebbles and gravel to be so fascinating.

Chicken and the Egg for Halloween

Which came first ?

Sloan loves pumpkins

fun times at the park

Sloan enjoys the tunnels and swings

Lilka climbing all over everything

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Adventures of 14month olds

I know its been a while … how are you?  Surely, you can imaging that having toddlers has us a wee bit busys. OKAY that’s an understatement- we are crazed deranged lunatics slightly sleep deprived PARENTS ( thought that is what the whole newborn experience was about- NOT TRUE) .  Still peachy tho- you cant derail this MOM duo!  and cue me yelling down the hallway at Melanie;  PLEASE BRING ME MORE COFFEE and WATER need WATER!

Happy Girls !

Ok- so 14 month olds seriously. They are cute but its not my favorite age. I desire a wee bit more communication – throw me a sign DAMN IT.  WHAT DO YOU WANT !!!! This, oh no THAT … Oh something there;  here try this … FAIL MOMMY FAIL – EPIC MOMMY FAIL but i brush it off because  the giggles, batty eye and funny hysterical comical outrageous that ensues a few min after is ADORABLE.

Lilka Mae- new nick name the past month or so is hexenbiest for those of you who watch Grimm… ITS SO TRUE ! This lil lady who nearly has a mouth full of teeth which is a BANE of my existence. These teeth are killing her and us … bring on the drool  or anything else other than the fits and flailing and extreme crabbyness.  I feel sorry for Lil’ her teeth are quite large  and here come the top molars. OUCH.  We dont use any remedy’s no oragel (poses a choking hazard) or Hyland teething tablets ( which have an opiate derivative ) and well if I am not chasing the white dragon neither can she.  So we use Celery and Ice water and hard pretzels.  Her favorite food  is currently anything green it seems,  but sheespecially loves Edamame and asparagus.

Mobile and ready to take on the world

Sloan Annika- also has a new nickname Grimm inspired Blutbad. She is pretty even tempered but with these teeth that are growing- just growing not even cutting yet- she has been a lil unsteady temper wise and I think she is ready to not be so passive.  Not as tantrumy as her sister but way up high on the needy scale which I love and every second I get to snuggle, cuddle and kisses- I am taking it.   Sloan seems to be the more delicate one as she seems to be the one who gets sick and or has more of those issues.  These high fevers she gets KILL us. This kid literally could be the Fire starer. I know all these evil references-  She speaks her mind when something does not go as she planned.  She loves blueberries and anything fruity or crackery.

Mobile and ready to take on the world!

Sorry this blog is not as picture heavy as most – its pretty difficult to get these two girls to stand still and god-forbid  sit next to each other.

Watch us go!

14 months old today. I am a wee bit sad about this – where did my babies go and clearly, you all were not kidding when you say it goes by fast. The girls are full fledged walkers. All over the place. No, really ALL.OVER. THE. PLACE.  We have changed things up a lil in our downstairs. No more baby jail.  These chicks get free range of the down stairs.  Be afraid! WE ARE!  Our Front area is now a play area but not gated in.  It has a play house (thanks to Auntie Jodi & Uncle Marc and The Anton Cousins) We have a small table and chairs from Grandma and Gramps and toys.

Play house

They seem not to care about the stairs we dont have baby gates up – well, just in the upstairs play room.  They tend to stay in their designated area but can be found wandering about the down stairs. They commonly search for shoes and remotes.  Lilka especially loves shoes and if she finds a shoe fit her or not it needs to be put on – its like Cinderella and the glass slipper so we squeeze her foot  in the shoe and there is typically only one shoe never a pair and certainly not a pair that goes together.  She prances- yes, i said prances around with her one shoe….

Sloan seems to have a hair situation.  We are not going to cut it but it seems to always be in her eyes we do barrettes and sprout tails – Poor thing it just needs to get a wee bit longer but she is a trooper and for the most part will leave what we put in her her there


so sweet !

sometimes a lil ridiculous

Lilka’s hair is growing but not at the pace of her sisters and well we have come to terms with it,  she has a Mullet – We are proud Moms evven if she has a mullet

Mullet its long in the back !

The girls say a few words here and there nothing on command except . when calling for me Sloan will yell MUM and when calling Melanie she will yell MA’ its super cute. She will also say something that sounds like Blueberry.  Lilka just keeps with her grunting DRIVE ME NUTS but will say BALL and b-bee( for baby ) and bubbles  and Ni- Ni for sleep she is quite a character.

The girls love dress up – OH MY GOSH LOVE IT . they wear hats of all kids, fancy, sun, beanies you name it – even pants on their head. Melanie bought these skirts a long time ago on sale they are size 12 months old and clearly too big for the girls. I am sure they will debut them when they are 12 though they may be short so we may have to adjust. The girls simply love dressing up !

Skirts frilly and fru-fru they love em.

Hats are so much fun !

We take the girls for walk every day almost and now that they can walk we take them to the park and they love the swings and just to walk around.  Its so fun to watch them ( i really need to learn how to do videos on here) We even had our first scrap knee but no cries nor whimper – I just felt bad!

The girls are eating a ton of food .. A TON! you name it they pretty much can eat it  except peanut butter and shellfish which Melanie insists we wait till 2 year old. I know seems so long to wait.  These girls love food.  Just the other night they had baked Cod with  Israeli Couscous and asparagus.  They eat pot roast and edamame,  chicken salad any kind of Mexican food you can imagine even with a lil spice. Definitely not picky.  Moreover, if its something we have on our plate they need to sample it and in most cases just eat it all gone.  I am so thankful for them not being picky.

its so crazy to think that almost a year ago they looked like this

almost a year ago

We took the girls to their first Gay Pride Parade and Festival. They had so much fun.  We actually walked in the parade

Marching along in the Parade

We made the girl shirts that said Queer Offspring which everyone complimented us on. We also ran an activity Kids Zone at the actual Pride Festival. Melanie and I with another couple run a  LGBT family group in Nevada. Its a lot of work but it makes us happy and to think that at their 1st B day party in NV that  70% of the kids that came were from Same -Sex households.

All but one of these kids has 2 moms – that’s awesome!

So excited for the Fall.  Its cooling down in Vegas and i suspect there will be lots to do.  We cant wait to set up the HUGE SAND box that their Great Uncle Dan got them and Sand from their Mimi’s and Papa-  Picnics in the park and more walks and out door time.  Hopefully more visitors ( yes, were talking to you )

The girls are 100% off the formula – We stopped a few days before their 1st b day. They are doing the whole milk gig and still get 2 bottles a day and sippy straw cups of water the rest of the time.  We are trying to work on the pacifier exit strategy for Lilka she only uses it at night/nap time and in the car but she know she is not allowed to have it otherwise… but i am trying to figure out an exit plan…so far most feed back i get is well if she only uses it at night then why worry …  TRUST ME PEOPLE I WORRY – even about stuff i dont have to worry about !

I feel like we have been so busy but yest i am all of the sudden at a loss to add more.

here are some more pictures-  that should keep you occupied for a bit

Playing with friends

such a ham!

Sloan is also a ham once over her shyness

and she is off and running!

and there goes Lilka- freedom

Hope to see you soon!

come and visit


Jay, Melanie, Lilka and Sloan and Mojito too!

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That is correct Ladies and Gentlemen- We (Melanie and I ) managed to survive a year with Dos Babies AND Dos Babies managed to survive a year with us.  It can be a rocky road at times but we really do make a wonderful team like oil and vinegar ( i kid).  Moreover, not only did we survive  but our children made it. I know that may sound a lil gruesome but they did,  beat the statistics and though they may need some minor therapy later in life we were able to keep them a live and thriving.  YAY ! There is no rule book or manual on how to raise children or even what to do with them when you get home from the hospital and it can be daunting and overwhelming with a ton of joy mixed in ( how does that work actually – i dunno but it does) We often fly by the seat of our pants that is when we are not wearing pants on our head!   We are still learning  but thus far we all survived and are seemingly happy !Ok ok ok … enough about us I know – bring on Dos Bambinos ….

Lilka Mae Weissman also known as Mz. Personality, Putchkey ( no idea what language or what it means) Lew,  Doll face, Lilly Bean, Lilka Pie and when she is being onrey ( she is one now)  LILITH CHILD or Gollum ( i know not so nice but those eyes and that hair – sometimes she looks similar).  Well Mz. Personality she is.  Talks up a storm still speaking Lilkaneese,  no idea what she is saying but she means business.  She is a bonafide walker now ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE and she carries stuff around with her too. She is a quick thinker and processor and figures things out so fast.  She loves her baby doll and hugs and kisses it and sings it lullabys. She loves CHEESE ( a girl after her moms hearts) and Blueberries and anything with cream cheese on it really she love to eat .  She can use a straw and likes to shake her tush, although standing and walking while shaking said tush is something she needs to think about. She also loves to dress up – yeah I said the same thing at ONE already … Hats n shoes she is all over it !

Cooky  Kid


Sloan Annika Weissman  also known as Sloanka, Sloanie pie, Sloanie Maronie, Sloankavich, Putchkey (again,  no idea what language or what it means)  Sugar boogar, Morroccan Queen,  Shakeira, Happy Girl.  Happy Girls says its all … Sloan is always happy and has an infectious smile and killer KILLER eyes.  She is more cautious and selective with what she does.  She calculates and plans. Sloan loves her own space, she is also a bit of a dare devil throwing her self back and always taking a leap backwards, upside down .  She is walking but at her own pace and when she is good n ready and mainly when we are not directly watching her. She is very shy.  She loves to do things herself, sippy cups and the like.  She loves watermelon and refried beans and anything that has cream cheese on it – mainly the cream cheese part.  She likes to put things in side of things and pays attention to the littlest detail. She likes to look at picture books and anything colorful.


We had our second parent adoption – it was a quick but very nerve racking process and we are so glad we did it.  We met at the court house and the bailiff said we were to meet with the judge in her chambers ( this was not typical  so made me very nervous) . Melanie and I were sworn in and the Judge S. Pomrenze asked us our intentions and a whole bunch of other questions and then she declared me Sloan and Lilka’s “documented” Mom.  I am now decreed and have a court order that will mandate any state to acknowledge me as their Mommy! Its asinine that i have to go through this process but I am so fortunate to be able to do this.  After the hearing the judge gave the girls ring pops because we are now married as a family.

2nd best day of my life me and that cheeky grin i have !!!!

In the Judges Chambers

July was a busy month. The girls celebrated their first 4th of July. We walked around Boulder city ( where hoover damn is ) and had brunch at a quaint hotel  and  met up with some friends.  Apparently we missed the parade- It was a delightful day out believe it or not weather was amazing and even drizzled a bit.   We did not see much in the way of fireworks  we figure they are too young and would not understand it or be scared.

Happy Birthday America

Mama and her firecrackers

The Girls had their FIRST BIRTHDAY in California. It was so much fun but trying to plan and bring stuff back n forth was a major PIA.  Their party was at their Mimi”s and Papa’s house ( thanks for letting us take it over) and it was a Hawaiian theme.  Mainly just family and a few of our very close friends.  Melanie as you all suspected did most of the decorations and we had Kalua pork sliders thanks to our Chef Clyde B. Rush for cooking said swine and Salmon cooked by Chef Paula. We also had Pizza for the kiddos just in case (thank you Great Aunt CeCe.)  It was yummy – yes even the pork (we have to try everything we give our kids so … occasionally we try the meat. We are not happy about it but we sacrifice) Uncle Ben and Auntie Jen helped out tremendously with platters and plates and last min thing we clearly forgot about …which was a lot.  Thank you to everyone who made this party possible!  It was a pool party so the kids were swimming like the fish they all are.  It seemed like a lot of work when all was said it done it was a great party!


Party Time

Lil Pineapple cakes

Happy B DAY Dos Babies

After all the sugar and food every one was stuffed to the brim with Birthday goodness.

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Baby Girls – Moms love you so much! Thank you everyone that helped and/or attended  and celebrated with us near and far.

While we were in California and now that most food restrictions are lifted for these one year olds. Nana and Saba took us all to BRENTS DELI – I could go for a pastrami sandwich right now ( yes, I’m still a vegetarian it just sounds good )

Lilka eating her first real Kosher “NEW ” pickle

Kibitzing and staring at the mans plate next to us !

The girls really enjoyed their lox and egg scramble and some of Nana’s brisket sandwich and some one Sabas pastrami sandwich and  good ass coleslaw ( cant find that any where in Vegas as far as I am concerned) They ate quite well and enjoyed it.

The girls are walking now .. well Lilka is about 98.9% walking still a lil unsteady but it is her main mode of transportation when in the loft playroom.  Sloan will take a few steps but gets very shy and timid when we root her on or cheer for her so we pretend to not look and she seems to take about 5 steps before she bails. I just cant seem to post the video I’m sorry I tried like 7 times BUMMER  you can see it on you tube sorry  you will have to copy and paste the link ——>

So we are busier than heck .. that’s for sure in twin-ville.  Its still fun fun fun and every day is surely an adventure.

For those of you confused by the pants on our head referencer who dont have Facebook to see the funny video … I once put the girls pants on my head to entertain them while changing them or something and sang a little ditty about it and the girls thought it to be the funniest thing in the world… so now they like to wear pants on their head and shake their heads like they have crazy hair …  you can see the video here – hopefully

OK well we love and miss you all and hope you come to visit . If you have children they are welcome too ! There are amazing AMAZING splash pad parks here and skate parks and lot of stuff

here are more pictures

Love you !

koo koo kid

I can model



loves to eat

The end!



Jay, Melanie, Lilka, Sloan and Mojito too!




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21 Days till we have ONE YEAR OLDS! GASP

I just read some of the posts from June of last year . OH.MY.GOD. how quickly things happen.  The girls are on a fast track to ONE.  Really it kinda takes my breath away when I say that, i really get this tiny pain in my chest.  Melanie and I tried for a year to have children and it now is just a blip on the radar a moment of time that quickly passed.  I did not expect it to go this quickly moreover, I honestly did not think it was going to be this easy.  Okay, by that I mean i just expected it to be really hard ad trying on every front. I don’t feel that it is granted it can be tough at times but we work it out.   All bickering aside Melanie and I are an awesome team and I could not do any of this with out her and she could not do it with out me.   Okay – back to the girls because after all this is why you read this blog.

The girls are amazing – AMAZING.  They are just HAPPY HAPPY girls and even when they  are not happy they are happy – How does that work exactly I am not sure but it works and We are A-OKAY with it.  Its amazing to see them interact with one another now. They have full conversations in whatever language they see fit  mainly blabble blabble  some NA NA NA NA’s and DA DA DA’s.  When they are not giggling at one another they are engaged in full contact wrestling .  I am not just saying that either. They should be Pro- Wrestlers and lately its getting to the point were the moms have to intervene and separate them. ( its so cute to) They get frustrated with each other and sharing is not a skill they have acquired or learned just yet and we don’t have multiple of everything. They push , shove and swat all over one toy.

One Ball TWO Babies

Same Ball Different Baby

The girls are eating up everything.  We still have some things that are off limits like fish, shell fish, peanut butter and honey and drinking milk but they love food.  They especially love meat . Yes, i said MEAT … Melanie and I are still vegetarians but we do give the girls animal protein.  They love grilled chicken and chicken meat balls fron Trader Joes and Nana’s Brisket – They LOVE IT .  We figure that when they are old enough to decide for themselves that they want to be veg heads then they can make that decision and in the mean time we will expose them to everything.  They recently had Dolmas ( stuffed grape leaves – there were vegetarian but still packed with FLAVOR and they loved it.  We also tried to give the Falafel which is my FAVORITE but they were not impressed with the hummus and well here are some pictures of the FALAFEL experience.

Hmm.. what are they giving us now to eat … Sloan inspects her food

Lilka is more adventurous and right to the mouth

Inspection PASSED

and Lilka is not a fan …. FALAFEL EPIC FAIL she did Love the tahini sauce tho

Sloan despite her funny faces enjoyed it and especially liked it dipped in some babaganoosh

its always a feeding adventure. The girls love fruit if its fruit they love it especially Kiwi, grapes and strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon any melon.  Not as excited about cherries but it was a pain-in-the-ass to cut the flesh off so I am ok with it – now I understand why the pitter was invented.  They are unusual in that they don’t really care for pasta – I know right what kid does not like pasta – apparently our . I have given them on 2 occasion Mac n Cheese the first time  Melanie and I ate the pot the second time they sucked the cheese of the noodle and gave us the noodle back – that is also ok by me- They love Kasha and if AUNT LESLIE was closer we would beg her to make it for us!

We took the girls to Cali for a week.  They helped their friend ROMAN ( he is Mommy’s elementary BFF’s son )  celebrate his 1st Birthday.  It was so fun the girls played with all his toys and in his bounce house and they all just hung out at the after party – where they poked each others eyes and gave kisses and sweated ( i really hot in those bouncy houses)  and Sloan was so chill she even took a cat nap …

He’s a Ladies Man! Happy B day ROMAN !


Lilka enjoying the backyard party freedom

Happy B Day ROMAN

So lots of Birthday fun!  Which bring me to the Girls B day . It is right  around the corner and giving me so much anxiety.  I did not want to do a whole big sha-bang but then I realize its their FIRST Birthday and not really for them but for US.  They will not remember they will prolly not even care- I know right makes you wonder why we do 1/2 the things we do.   I am just so happy that I have Children to throw a party for-  but I have this idea of what I want it to be like and then the reality of how it will actually be.  It will be great regardless!!!!

The girls are really changing on a daily basis.  They engage more with each other and they are daredevils at best and so fast.  Lilka really pays attention and things just click for her and Sloan really Studies things. They Stand by themselves and they attempt to take steps but just end up falling – but they are so fearless.  They have mastered Sippy cups and almost get the STRAW but they prefer just a regular run of the mill cup which usually ends in a wet mess or  takes forever and with two I just dont have that time.  They love to feed themselves and of course take a bit of what ever it is we are having in front of them.

Still sleeping through the night and napping all the time THANK YOU UNIVERSE we love you and appreciate you!

Here are some more pictures of DOS BABIES and their Shenanigans

Sloan Sleeping so cute


Just waking up

counter ornaments

Cracking herself up

getting CLEAN cuz being a BABY is a dirty JOB !




If i put my bib on backwards it becomes a SUPER CAPE!

We love this corner of the loft

Loving Mojito!

Favorite Toy of the day !

Its tough having 2 babies who are now bigger than me!


So I prolly just overloaded you with a ton of pictures. I just cant help myself and I wish more of you were closer so you can get the true DOS BABIES experience.

SO – stay tuned for a the next blog should be Birthday post ! EEEEK!


The 4 Weissman Girls and One CHIHUAHUA

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TEN months already

I know, I know I always start these blog’s of with shock at how time flies and how time is going by at light speed; premature aging BLAH BLAH BLAH …

The girls are GREAT – SUPER – AMAZING the girls are so different.  They each have their own unique personality and getting so big.

Sloan Annika : Is very reserved an observer who is cautious and sort of stalks her prey if you will.  She is vocal mainly with grunts and eh-eh- eh noises.  She is a happy happy smiley girl even when she is cutting 4 teeth at once or when she is throwing up so much she can barely sit up thanks to the dip sh** lady who threw up all over her and M on the plane to Kauai.   She is a smiley girl regardless and so lovey dovey but can also gritt her gums and throw a mini tantrum or gets angry and frustrated she turns purple- but always ends with a SMILE- its so cute.

Lilka Mae: Is a chatty Cathy busy body who is always needing to know whats going on.  She is also a happy go lucky little girl – gabbing away speaking “Lilkaneese” and singing and shaking her tush.  She is fast on all fours leaving no area unscathed.  She is a little stubborn at times and a bit of a fighter and a major flirt who just learned how to bat her eyes with a cheeky grin. She is a very active little person.

Apparently we skipped a 9month  blog – Sorry  as you can imagine we are on full throttle here and the coffee pot is always full ( ok its not a coffee pot but the K-Cup can never runneth over)

The girls at their 9 month Dr. appointment.

Everything went well they had a blood test to see how their Iron levels were and they were fine.  The girls are 1pound different and both tall n skinny – The Dr. said that Sloan is actually smaller than Lilka based on her height weight ratio.  They both are pulling themselves up and standing so we had to lower their cribs (we are not ready for this) they also crawl around everywhere so baby jail has been erected.   I think in the olden days folks called it a coral or a playpen.  These babygirls are eating like crazy.  They love it even more if they can feed themselves finger foods.  So they eat cheese and cheerios and broccoli and all kids of fruit.  They LOVE LOVE  the fruit.

The girls had their first Pasover Sedar and their first Easter – it was such fun trying new things and learning.

Getting ready for our 1st sedar at Mimi’s n Papas house

2nd Passover Sedar with Nana and Saba at Aunt Leslie’s house

Easter with all their Cali Cousins at TiTI’s house

The girls met MOMS good friends from the Bay Area –

Ok so that was 9 months old .. But this blog is the 1o month old blog ….

So the girls went on vacation to Kauai, Hawaii it was a blast once we got over the initial sickness. As I mentioned earlier Melanie and Sloan were casualties.  The woman behind them was sick NOT AIR SICK with the a bug and sadly they became her barf bag. It was horrible and well Melanie does not do well with voimit so she stood up on the plane 10,000 feet in the air and started freaking out ( i had Lilka on my lap) across the isle. Melanie was getting green in the face and I could see it was not going to be good.  I passed my baby on to my neighbors ( thank god they were baby people ) and grabbed Sloan who was covered in someone elses body fluid YUCK …. and stripped her down in the isle and she got a wipee bath for sure- As I was doing that I looked at Melanie and said BABE…. what ever you do you gotta swallow that down and deal with it because we are on a plane and there is no where to go — so whatever you gotta do you just chew it down …( trying to talk her out of throwing up) It smelled, it was wet and there was tons of it … DUMB LADY who did not even say sorry … and the Delta crew NO A PAPERTOWEL will not solve this problem – so Melanie sat in a puked soiled shirt for the rest of the  4 more hours we had- she tried to wash off in the bathroom .  Needless to say every one was sick the first part of our Vacation But sick in paradise was not that bad!

Getting over the nasty stomach bug only to pass it on to Lilka

We were in Kauai for 2 weeks so we did  get to enjoy – Despite the SICKNESS it was an amazing trip the girls are just amazing – they were great on the plane and adjusted well to the change and really enjoyed the freedom in the hotel and on the beach they were not crazy about the water but warmed up to it.

first time on the beach and in the water at Ka’a beach

Salt pond beach

playing in the sand in our sun suits – gotta protect our skin

left no part of our room untouched

Loved being out in fresh air

Moms fav part of Kaui = SHAVE ICE JoJo Style

Grandma gave us just a TINY TEENY TASTE mainly of ice tho

The girls grew lots of teeth while in paradise which surprisingly was not bad- Teething not so nightmarish yet! THANK YOU whoever is in charge of that !

we ditched the sun suits just for a little while

We went to a Luau

It was an adventure for sure. While we were in Hawaii Mojito was living it up in Vegas with his Great Uncle Dan- and it seems the boys had some FUN.  There was Boating and tanning and trips to the HOT SPRINGS and lots of time at the park in the open air and snacks.

Mojito On a Boat !

Just hanging out at the Lake


Thanks Uncle Danny for taking care of our Furbaby- He really did have a blast with you!

Happy 10 Months old and Happy Mothers’ Day to us!

The girls turned 10 months on MOTHERS’ Day (and for us its MOTHERS’ not MOTHER’S Day)  We went out to Brunch and celebrated our 1st Mothers’ Day !!! Thanks for coming along GREAT UNCLE DAN and helping with the girls.

The Girls can’t wait to hear all about Nana and Sabas trip- They love spending time with Great Uncle Dan and having family dinner night.  They also love when Ant Jess n Scarlett bring over their niece and nephew.  The girls had their first Gymboree class and they just thought it was so much fun.  Lilka took off like a banshee and left no play area untouched and Sloan had to case the joint a bit before she got comfortable.  Melanie and I ask ourselves why did we sign them up … This Gymboree thing is just a gimmick to teach our BABY GIRLS how to do all the things we are not ready for them to do … Climb stairs and jungle gyms and be independent, flirt with cute little boys whom are older than them – feel possessive of an item … I mean really !!!! They girls had a fun time and were exhausted- Once home Melanie and I decided that we should probably invest in some bubbles and balls since the girls were fascinated.

They are both cutting several teeth – I cant even keep track of who has what and whats coming where.  We are excited for summer and ready to take these girls swimming and ready to have BBQ galore.

I will try not to lag too much between posts but time is getting a bit tighter for us. We miss you all and hope everyone is doing well.  We are still up for visitors anytime just need a few days notice.

Our Second parent adoption hearing was scheduled but we rescheduled it so that my parents could attend-but we have no idea what the new date is and are waiting for the court to tell us. The good news is that the court has decided to forgo the Home-study that is typically required.  I am both excited and nervous.  This is actually a big deal.  We all know that these two beautiful little girls are mine and that I am indeed their parent their MOMMY in fact but having the Government recognize this is tremendous.  I cant imagine that i could travel somewhere and god forbid something happens to either one of them or Melanie that I can be denied the right to see them or care for them.  Le Sigh- legalities… this 2nd parent adoption will just give that final affirmation and there will be no loop hole in which someone can take my kids away from me or deny me the right to make decisions or what have you for them… I normally  steer clear of any kind of political discussion but having this come to fruition and hearing what President Obama had to say about Same -Sex Marriage was just taking my family one step closer to equality. (stepping off soap box)

Anyhow, now to start thinking of the Girls 1st Birthday party- OH MY GOSH – ALREADY.  Its killing me how fast this happens but today I just have to worry about what these Girlies should have for breakfast.

Miss and Love you all!

The FOUR Weissman girls and Mojito.

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8 Months

We are growing by leaps and bounds.  It seems like everyday MOMS are learning something new as well as DOS BABIES.

Not even sure where to start.  Lilka now has two full fledged bottom teeth they are pretty white and very sharp and I think quite big.  Sloan’s two bottom teeth are also coming in.  So far the teething “NIGHTMARE” has been pretty good to us. Thank you universe and the girls gums for cooperating we are very appreciative.  Lilka is getting around,  not quiet crawling and not doing the army crawl but more like the worm and she is a fast fast lil’ bugger.  Sloan is also trying to move about the world but usually gets frustrated and will voice her displeasure.

The girls were so excited to see everyone at the Share the Love charity event we did for Valentines Day.  Thank you for all the AMAZING donations. Melanie and I are really so blessed to have such giving friends and family.  If you need a write off receipt please email me the total and your address and THE SHADE TREE ORGANIZATION will be happy to send you one.  Again, Thank you all for the donations they were so happy to receive the items when Melanie dropped them off.  Melanie baked her heart out and it was all so yummy !

Share the Love - filled with sweetness

Lilka hanging with Charlotte and sharing her Love!

Such AMAZING GIVING PEOPLE WE KNOW. The minivan was packed! THANK YOU !

Dandre helping unload all the donations!

1st V-day bibs Thanks Uncle Dan!

The Girls 1st Valentines day was chock full of LOVE and Sharing! Moreover, Melanie and I are astonished that we pulled it off  of course not with out the help of our friends Scar and Jess! Friendfamily  is AMAZING !

We took the girls to a Picnic in the park with our LGBT group.  Its always nice to socialize with other Gay parents.  I also love that our girls will grow up knowing other children who have 2 moms or 2 dads or  3 parents – Diversity is great.  They had their first swing on a swing – They were not so excited about it.  We should try again.

Not sure about it!

Sloan and her Friend Gia who was all about the Hugs!

Lilka was busy checking out the Grass at the Picnic. She was not sure about it

When we were in LA for a baby shower I made Melanie do an impromptu photos shoot at my moms house on her leather couches… and this was the end result – Naked baby alert !

Naked Nudy Sloan

Naked Nudy Lilka

Mom – no couches were peed on or pooped on during this shoot!

Just a cute pic we snapped she is full of sparkle!

The girls were so intrigued by the belly cast we have of Melanie. So we let them take a closer look … I wish we would have done a shoot with them when they were teeny tiny with the cast … but I am still amazed at how my wife did it with the two of them.

Dos Babies inside and out!

My sister came to visit the girls… Yep I said my sister… It was a great weekend and it was amazing to just hang out with her.  The girls loved her and we all had a good time. It was a bit surreal hanging out at my house with my sister and Mom and Dad but it was a real good FAMILY feeling.  Children change you that is for sure!

Girls loving on their Auntie Jodi

Dos Babies, Nana and Auntie Jodie and myself

Getting ready for Dinner!

While Aunt Jodi and Nana were visiting they did a lot of shopping so Lilka and Sloan had a great time getting some retail therapy.

Ready to do some retail damage!

Ahh... The life of Dos Baby!

Now that the girls no longer fit into the newborn little tub we have been bathing them in the REAL TUB .. Scary. WET. BABIES. Wet baby in general intimidating to me- Two wet babies soapy and moving all about in the tub – makes me think of CRACKED HEAD… but so far we have no injuries to report and boy oh boy do these little girls think they are Mermaids.  Dipping their head under water ( there is not much water in the tub so dont freak out) and both Melanie and I are right there on the side lines.  Actually I usually have a hand in which means I am pretty soaked myself. So two babies in one tub – its getting better and interesting . Hilarious mostly, Melanie and I laugh A LOT.   Of course I would not build up the tub-capades with out posting some Tushie pics I am not that mean. Here are some of their first BIG tub adventures.



We need more water toys- these cups are getting boring !

Are we clean yet?

After Auntie Jodi and Nana/Saba left  Nana’s best friend from NY came to visit and it was so fun listening to stories about her and Nana’s high school adventures.  It was great to see Arlene and we loved hanging out with you and the girls were just so amazed by you.  Thank you !

Just hanging out We love visitors!

I have noticed that Sloan really really pays attention to Mojito and while she was sick. She had RSV ( OH MY GOD HORRIFIC) but thank god we managed to stay out of the Hospital.  Mojito was equally worried about Sloan and one day we were all hanging on the couch and Melanie captured this … It is so cute !!!!

Snuggled together

He is really the worlds greatest Chihuahua and we are so lucky to have him!

So much has happen and will continue to happen so stay tuned. Remember you are all welcome to come visit we have the room and would love the company.  (Dont worry mom I only send this to people I know and some of your friends but they are welcome too)

Parenthood is so far amazing .. a little tiring but only in the last couple of days Damn TIME CHANGE!  I am amazed and the amount of joy and bliss these girls have created in my heart.  Just as they grow and learn new things Melanie and I are also growing and learning because there is no handbook and every mother seems to think her way was the right way and that IS probably true for her situation.  Its not a cake walk – but i expected it to be more difficult honestly especially with two – But I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !

And  more pictures

S n L BFF they dont realize this but they will be. Hanging out at Share the Love

Colleen getting some SLOAN time.

Justin trying chocolate Fondue!

Master behind the lens

Love our Friend-family!

Sloan says just keep walking along and singing your song! I love everybody!

The woman who holds my heart and keeps me sane!

They change so much in a just a short time!

cutie Sloan in a skullette barrette!

ok I can post a ton more and you know it … But I will save some for next time.  I will try to take more video  and figure out how to post it.  We have Skype and Face time and can usually jump on to say hello. So keep in touch!

Miss you and love you all


Lilka & Sloan

Jay, Melanie and Mojito !

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6 months 18 days Old

We have been growing by leaps and bounds in Twinville.  Dos Babies are just growing at light speed and it does not seem to be slowing down.

6 months old

Sloan and Lilka are eating solids and love love Avocado. It is their most favorite and Zucchini is a close second with Bananas being number 3 on the list.

Lilka is Crazy for Avocado


Melanie and I have been making the girls food. It sounds like a PIA but  the reality is-  its so easy- Thanks  to getting a super cool baby steamer for x-mas.  I thought it was going to be this huge process but actually its not and there is variety and it all boils down to WE KNOW WHATS IN THEIR FOOD! No preservatives, no added salt or sugar.  The most difficult part for me is spending the money on the organic stuff – but these girls are so worth it and we only do organic on thinned skinned veggies and fruits. We have also given the girls mango, blueberries, pears, granny smith apple and fuji apple, peas, squash and carrots, green beans.  We are trying to hold back on the orange stuff as we noticed that Sloan may have a little bit of eczema and Keratin can exacerbate it.

The girls had their 6 month old check up and the Dr. was so please with how they are growing.  They had their vaccinations and did great.  Their Doctor thinks they are tall and skinny and apparently just store a little of their chub in their cheeks. The Dr. also said that we can start the girls on lentils and some different grains.

Lilka and Sloan helped Mommy celebrate her Birthday this month and they found the cards to be amazing

We love looking at all of Moms Cards!

The girls have also taken a liking to Mojito our chihuahua. Sloan especially loves to pet him and smiles and laughs and keeps a close eye on what hes doing. I have a feeling they will be bonding more – with the amount of food that is left on Sloan despite the numerous wipe-downs  Mojito can always count on her for a snack.   Lilka on the other hand just sits with her mouth open when ever he comes by.  She tries to pet him also but she is not as delicate and gentle as she appears to be.  Of course I dont have any picture of them because it is difficult enough trying to snap shots of two little girls and then throw a Chihuahua in the mix .. OY VEY one day they will all be cooperative RIGHT !

The girls are now sleeping in their own cribs in their Nursery.  It was a sad day for us but it was time and they were clever and almost escaping their Rock N Plays (bassinet type thing)  They sleep through the night. HALLELUJAH- and THANK YOU UNIVERSE WE APPRECIATE YOU !!  Have to pay homage – we are so fortunate for the sleeping through the night  and that means we get 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep ! Did I say thank you already. THANK YOU …. honestly, though we really did not mind waking up and sometimes miss it a little …the quiet calm and so so so very peaceful moments.  All part of them growing up …

Sloan loves to jump around in her Jumparoo.


The girls are sitting up and working on sippy cups. Its a bit confusing and the hand eye coordination is not quite there yet but they try.  S n L are just starting to wear their 6month clothing and depending on brand sometimes they can fit in to the 3-6 stuff.  Funny how some onsies are wide and some long.

The girls have also graduated off of being bathed on the counter in the toddler tub.  They  just splash way too much and then we have to mop… so we now fill their toddler tub up to the brim and have it in the Guest bath which will be their bathroom and let them swim swim swim…I think I may need foul weather gear – I always wanted those boots that are thigh high and the rubber pants. These girls are seriousness Mermaids. They are getting too big for he toddler tub so we may need a new plan of action ANY SUGGESTIONS? it freaks me out to think of them sitting up in the tub they’re not quite there and slippery and scary and head bonking ..Yikes.

No major injuries yet – THANK GOD! But the girls do like to wrestle a bit… Remember GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling well I think they may start that league up again i have two candidates.  Looney Lilka and Stone Cold Sloan would be their names!

Morning Sillies

The girls are at their best at 8am and 11am.  Morning time is so fun and whats not to love about waking up and seeing these faces first thing. We have them on a tight schedule and they seem to love it.  We do at time break the rules because Moms have to do things too.

We have lots planned for February and March.  We are going back to California for a cousins Baby shower and  we are hosting a Share the Love Charity party for Valentines day to help a women’s shelter.  We also have some far away visitors coming.  The girls will meet their Auntie Jodi and one of Nana’s best friends from New York and we are so excited.  The girls are also excited to celebrate their best friend Brooklyn’s First Birthday in March(they dont know they are best friends yet but they will be).

We have skype and facetime so if you are far away and want to chat or close by and want to chat just look us up.  The girls love to Skype and its pretty funny watching their faces trying to figure out why you are in the box? We may even restart baby TV again since it is quite entertaining watching the girls chat it up in their cribs when they conspire not to nap. You can always spy on us via facebook we post tons of pics and stuff there.

We miss everyone and think of all of you often.  Sorry that sometimes we are MIA.  Having twins does change things a little

Here are some more photos :

Trio photo Fail

Sloan & Lilka with Paulina & Isabella their twin cousins

Hanging out


Beautiful Girl Sloan

Bathtime Bunny


Mama is proud

our little ANIMALS!


Proud Mommy


The Four Weissman Girls and One Weissman Chihuahua

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